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Chest Drawers

Ever wondered how the houses you see on tv look the way they do? It starts and ends from room essentials. We carry industrial-grade desks, tables, and drawers for luxury homes that deliver superior looks and pass the time of time and strength. We have a vintage collection available in all forms as well.

Our products include coffee tables, dining platforms, desks, drawers of chests, wardrobes, and much more for you to meet your standards. This means our cabinets are designed to be giving the maximum amount of storage vs size ratio, and if your looking for more storage? We have a 12 drawer one! We range from smaller accessories for your room all the way to the cabinets for your commercial area as well. This includes vases, tables, lamps, bowls, and even candles with gift collections!

Our precision detailing means we have ceramic-made door knobs to make sure the experience is perfect in feel and aesthetics, as for us the small things matter. We have hand-crafted octagon-star door knobs that are individually made to combine the best art with machine. Imagine painting, but doing it with a light that is brighter than the sun with burning iron.

That is what our welders do using the highest grade iron and make art sculpted to every corner to create a unique form. Weather it is loft inspired apartments, cozy cottages, luxury log cabins, or a modern home, we can make the look happen. Come visit where the magic happens along with our showroom based in Central London! We are located at 106 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London W1H 2HY, or give us a quick call, 020 7224 0573. For more detail click on
industrial chest of drawers.

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